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Kinsman (second book in the Poison Jar series) has been released and is 
available at as a Kindle book and as a soft cover.

Before the great flood, in the time of Jared, greed like the breath of a viper snaked through the city of Eridu. An unfulfilled lust spread over the hearts of men, as dark as the clotting shadows of nightfall. Hul, reluctant lord over the wealthy House of Arad and kinsman redeemer for two widows, a fact that enrages his wife, struggles with a household of dour women and the murder of his uncle and a five-year-old boy, an event instituted by his mother and carried out by his slave.

His affluent life is complicated by a beautiful woman he can’t have and who lives in his quiet moments, the scent of her lingering like a siren song, drawing him to her camp. Evil surrounds her but he chooses not to see it until the obsession puts his survival and the lives of his family in question. 


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Divertir Publishing and I have parted ways.
For a month or two THE POISON JAR will not be 
available except from me. I will be happy to send
you a free copy. Email me at
When The Poison Jar is rereleased it will have a new
cover and new editing. 
  It was a different time, the earth before God's destruction. What was it like with its temperate climate and abundance and people with bodies designed to live hundreds of years? What was it like to live on an earth where God walked in the cool of the evening? Or where angels and men were on speaking terms? I had to go there, if only in my mind. Come with me.
My novel, The Poison Jar, aka The Poor Man's Daughter, Won first place in Kansas Writer's Association 2010 First Chapter Contest and second place in Kansas Writer's Association's Grabber Contest. The first ten pages will be included in their spring anthology as The Poor Man's Daughter. It also won 2nd place in category at the Panhandle Professional Writers Frontiers in Writing 2010 contest and Honorable Mention in the Novel Category at the Abilene Writer's Guild 2009 Contest.
This manuscript has been a work of love and a blessing. The story brings to life the culture and people of the
antidiluvian time period.
 The lives of six-year-old, handicapped, Jeffy Moffett and social worker, Kathryn Davis, are about to change in ways neither can inagine.
Born on the family farm in the panhandle of Texas, Jeffy and his sister, nine-year-old Poppy, are dominated by their abusive father, Eldon Ray. Their mother, Lorraine, works the farm and tries to protect her children, but her own survival is questionable.
A call from the school principal sends Kathryn  to the farm to investigate allegations of abuse. What she finds shocks her into action. Saving Poppy and Jeffy becomes her mission in life.
 Available online at all fine book sellers and as a Kindle book, and Nook Book.
There are times in a man's life when he steps over the boundries of good judgement
and if he's lucky gets away with it. This time NSA agent, Frank Ballard wasn't lucky.
He didn't mean for his wife to pay for his failure with her freedom and he sure doesn't
want to die ten levels underground in a government installation. Can he rectify a no win
situation and save both of them? Or will the agency terminate him first?
 Available online at all fine book sellers and as a Kindle or Nook Book.
Generations of Good Food
Some of the recipes in this book are family treasures. 
Mother's potato salad is the way I make it, she made it,
Grandmother Ham made it and Great Grandmother Ham 
made it. Before that I don't know. But it is the best I
ever tasted and is a continuation of their spirit.
The fried chicken recipe is how my Grandmother taught 
me to make it. Every time I fry chicken I think of her.
The Spanish rice recipe on page 61 brings a flood of 
memories and transports me to the kitchen in the house 
we lived in on Washington Street. 
I relive the laughter and the smell of bacon frying. Only 
now I realize she made it because it was all we had. 
But it didn't matter because we had each other.
It's not true that when you die, you take nothing. 
You take your memories. Make as many wonderful memories as possible.
This cookbook is available from me for the cost of printing and shipping $8.00. 
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Inside the Lines, Between Earth and Dawn,
 and Home Cooking are available on Amazon, Barns and Noble, and most online book sellers. They can also be ordered from fine book stores everywhere and from me.
All are soft cover or ebook (Kindle or Nook book).
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